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Is your brand falling flat?

I can help you refine your brand by cutting through the noise. Together we will build a brand that speaks directly to your customer.

Fixed Price Projects

Projects have a fixed price prior to the project commencement, providing clarity on the exact amount to be paid.

On budget and on time

My commitment is to diligently ensure that your project is delivered within the quoted price and on schedule.

Fast work turnaround

My collaborative work with you aims to ensure timely delivery of your project that is consistent with your brand.


Branding encompasses more than just a logo, it encompasses how your business is perceived by others. It’s what customers and clients say about your business when you’re not present. By working together, we can develop a brand that distinguishes you from your competitors.

Print Design

Having spent the first eight years of my career in print design, it is a passion that I deeply cherish. My expertise lies in creating a wide range of print designs, including business cards, brochures, magazines, package designs, and many others. What project can I create for you?

Cover and back cover of the Zebra CBD product catalog
Macbook laptop open to a website created for Southwest Environmental

Digital Design​

In today’s world, a strong digital presence is crucial for businesses to thrive. A well-crafted website that effectively converts visitors into customers is a necessity. As a skilled designer, I can assist you in creating or updating your WordPress site. Additionally, I specialize in designing social media graphics, e-commerce graphics for various platforms such as and, and digital ads, including Site Scout. Let me help you enhance your digital footprint and elevate your business.

Mandy Love, Creative Director designing on a MacBook Pro

I am driven by values

Growing up on a farm in Western Oklahoma taught me the importance of hard work and honesty, values that have become ingrained in my character. As we collaborate to tackle your design challenges, these principles will be evident in my work.

Let's work together to achieve your design goals.

I am excited to collaborate with you on your next design project. Whether you require a new brand identity, a brand refresh, or supplementary graphic design elements to enhance your existing brand, I am well-equipped to assist you. 

I needed to outsource a brochure and Mandy did a fantastic job. Her graphic design process was easy and the experience was great! I’ll be reaching out again soon for some poster work soon! Thank you Mandy!
Headshot of Heather Dawn Broomhall, San Diego Photographer
Heather Dawn Broomhall
Anyone looking for a great graphic designer to handle logo design services, brochure design services, and creative content for web design services, Mandy Love is professional and wonderful to work with and specializes in marketing materials, brand identity, and covers everything from banners to landing pages. I look forward to collaborating with Mandy on more projects in the future.
Headshot Jennifer Poe
Jennifer Poe
Head of Product
Mandy was great to work with! Her creativity with graphic design helped put my thoughts and ideas on to paper! She can help build a logo and get all your business needs met too with printing business cards, marketing pamphlets, and flyers. I highly recommend Mandy Love Creative
Dr. Leigh Owen