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Why logo design matters

Graphic designer creating logo designs on an imac

Why logo design matters and why you need a great logo.

Your logo design is the soul of your brand. As the old saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” and your logo is how people will remember your brand.

When you see a logo for brands like Nike, Target, or McDonald’s, their brands are easy to identify without any words. These corporations have built a brand around their logo design. The goal is to have a logo that is easy to recognize at a glance.

Good logo design grabs attention.

A well-designed logo will grab the attention of a potential customer and leaving them wanting to know about your company.

Often consumers will not recall the name of a new company but remember the visual branding. The goal of your logo is to be functional, memorable and attractive. If a customer does not respond to your branding, it won’t matter how great your product or services are. Your brand has to speak to the viewer and your logo is the way to introduce the world to your brand.

Your logo is your brand’s identity.

Yes, some companies are known for their excellent customer service or being the leader in their field. Being the front runner in business doesn’t happen by chance; it happens by building a great brand. Building any brand starts with a well-designed logo. 

Your logo separates you from the competition.

Your logo should speak who your company is as a brand. Your logo will set you apart from your competition. Logo design is how a consumer knows the difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Without branding, there would be no distinction between the two sodas. If you want to stand out from your competition, you will need a well-designed logo that is memorable and timeless.

Brand loyalty

What is your favorite brand? How do you identify that brand? You know your preferred brand by their logo. People are loyal to their favorite brands. You want your logo to be recognizable as your brand. You want people to distinguish your brand from other brands on the market.

There are so many brands around the globe, and you need your brand to be memorable. A mediocre or poorly designed logo will not instill you are a trustworthy brand. Trustworthiness is how a brand gains followers.

Consumers expect brands to have a logo, and this is how they relate to the brand. If you are unsure about your current logo, take a moment, and reflect. Does your current logo speak to your customers? Do you need a rebrand of your logo? I specialize in branding companies. If you have a new business or your businesses needs to be refreshed, I can help. Reach out today.

I needed to outsource a brochure and Mandy did a fantastic job. Her graphic design process was easy and the experience was great! I’ll be reaching out again soon for some poster work soon! Thank you Mandy!
Headshot of Heather Dawn Broomhall, San Diego Photographer
Heather Dawn Broomhall
Anyone looking for a great graphic designer to handle logo design services, brochure design services, and creative content for web design services, Mandy Love is professional and wonderful to work with and specializes in marketing materials, brand identity, and covers everything from banners to landing pages. I look forward to collaborating with Mandy on more projects in the future.
Headshot Jennifer Poe
Jennifer Poe
Head of Product
Mandy was great to work with! Her creativity with graphic design helped put my thoughts and ideas on to paper! She can help build a logo and get all your business needs met too with printing business cards, marketing pamphlets, and flyers. I highly recommend Mandy Love Creative
Dr. Leigh Owen